Travelling Bricks ( is a popular exhibition made of LEGO bricks, a part of World Touring Exhibitions ( World Concert Artists Ltd.
Welcome to World Concert Artists
World Concert Artists started its life as an entertainment agency.
We have worked with legendary artists and shows such as, among others: Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Rick Wakeman, Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, Vanessa-Mae, Sir Christopher Lee, Asia's John Wetton, America, Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley, Alesha Dixon, David Blaine, Ligabue, Rhythm Of The Dance and Lord Of The Dance - for international performances, TVs, festivals (to include the iconic Sanremo Festival), as well as private events.
Since 2010 we have developed a touring exhibitions department which has largely become our main activity. Under the trading name of World Touring Exhibitions, we nowadays are a leading touring exhibitions producer and provider: our exhibitions are  dynamic, interactive, educational and entertaining, viewed by millions of people worldwide.
World Touring Exhibitions ( World Concert Artists Ltd (

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Welcome to World Concert Artists Ltd, an organisation guaranteeing complete entertainment for any of your Events and Shows with the finest artists from across the globe. Recognised all across the UK as one of the most dependable agents for music, shows, and exhibitions, we provide services for booking a bandartist booking and to hire a celebrity. We provide services for myriads of events ranging from a big scale corporate event to Christmas parties, ladies nights, product launch, weddings & festivals. Our endeavor remains to make your event a memorable experience and something that you can cherish for a long period of time. Leveraging on years of experience that we have in the entertainment industry, we are able to provide full management for any event whether big or small including choice of hotels & venues, marquees for outdoor events, hot tubs, banqueting arrangements, entertainment. As music artist managers we have worked with artists and bands for several popular events. Plus shows like Rhythm Of The Dance, The Eva Cassidy Story, Lord Of The Dance, Rhythm Of The Dance, Shaolin Warriors, Cirque Du Ciel, Erth's Dinosaur Petting Zoo, Dinosaur & Ice Age Exhibitions and several others. To enliven your events and shows, we can arrange Bollywood stars, hire a celebrity, TV talent acts, budget acts or even global superstars at your event as per your budget and suitability. James Blunt, Amy McDonald, Strictly Come Dancing's dancers, Ronan Keating, James Blunt, Grace Jones, Natasha Marsh, Alesha Dixon, David Blaine, Christopher Lee, Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder among several others, are some of the well-known celebrities we can find for you to perform in events organised by us. Our customer-centered policies are easier for our clients who choose us as booking agency music as we enable booking an artist with maximum ease and comfort. Our punctuality and dedication towards customer satisfaction make us one of the most preferred booking agencies music. Moreover, our band artist management has been appreciated by all of our clients as we ensure that your show or exhibition becomes highly engaging, entertaining and enthralling. Our precise booking procedures and exceptional customer support make artists booking or booking a concert the most convenient with us as music agent.We ensure that you never face the problems of delays or long waiting times to book shows or acts with us. You can also depend upon us as agents for artists and music agent. Explore our website and know more about the Shows & Exhibitions that we have successfully worked with. Also find the list of internationally acclaimed artists and bands that we as booking agent music can arrange for you.

Young Artists And Music Agencies
Young artists need all the help they can get in today`s music industry. It has always been one of the most difficult industries to break into but over recent years it has become harder than ever.
There are fewer and smaller record labels around today than ever before and most of them are in the ownership of the remaining big companies such as EMI, Polydor, BMG and Sony. Music recording technology has also developed at such a rate that young artists have got the ability to produce quality recordings of their own work, whilst the explosion of internet sharing sites, like YouTube, has made it easier for artistes to get their work heard. 
One of the consequences of these changes, however, has to make the existing record companies wary of taking risks on new or un-established bands, preferring instead to play it safe and put their money into the big acts they know will return a profit. 
To escape the trap of being one of many bands trying to make it on their own, one of the best steps a fledging artist or band can take is to find a music agent to work for them. Most bands and artists spend most of their time perfecting and crafting their music leaving them little time to increase their profile, plan or promote live work but music agents are the employment agency of the music world and they are the ones that make live music happen. 
A music agent is the intermediary between promoter and band; they plan all aspects of a band`s live shows whether one off gigs or national and international tours. A music agent is the one who negotiates the live performance fees with promoters and puts together contracts making sure the band`s interests come first all the time.
Their work concerns all aspects of a live show, from arranging the dates to the timing and length of a sound check and show. They deal with everything from organising the back-line and lights to accommodation, travel and the rider. On international dates, the music agent is responsible for sorting out the required legal documentation. The music agent effectively takes over all responsibility for the artist`s requirements. 
There are hundreds of different kinds of music agents, from independents working freelance all the way up to the large talent agencies that look after and promote an enormous number and range of acts although they may have a less personal approach than a smaller outfit with fewer artists to promote on their books. A music agent, as he is providing a service, will also charge the band or artist a fee for the work they do on their behalf.
Clearly the best agent for a new band or artist starting out is one who has a lot of experience and is already familiar with several promoters and venues. When you are choosing the best agent to work for you, consider whether they already represent musicians of your style or genre and have the contacts at suitable venues. They should also understand your genre so they know where to find the right gigs and the right artists for you to collaborate with. You also want an agent that you get on well with and relate to as they can become very close to the band and are around a lot.
As well as making the wheels of the live music business turn smoothly, a good agent can hold the key to catapulting a young band or artist to fame. If they represent larger more established bands, there is the possibility of landing a support slot to one of the successful bands in their stable on tour playing in much larger venues and to a bigger audience than you would manage on your own which increases both your profile in the music industry and, hopefully, your fan base.
For young artists or bands hoping to take a step out of the crowd of the thousands of acts wanting to break into the music industry, you can`t do better than finding a good agent. They will take care of the administrative side of the business from negotiating a place and a price through to the sale of 
Boxoffice Tickets right through to making sure you have the right shade of M&Ms in the dressing room whilst you take care of the music. We are music agent music agents music agency extraordinaire.

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